What can I do with my Qimini Pocket?

Qimini Pocket is a wireless charger. You can charge your mobile device wirelessly simply by placing it on top of the surface.

Which device does it work with?

Qimini Pocket is supported by Qi technology. It works like magic with any Qi-enabled devices.

Is my phone Qi-enabled?

Either your phone comes embedded with the Qi technology or you can make it Qi-enabled with an adapted case. A quick online research regarding the specifications of your phone will help you find out its compatibility.

Does Qimini Pocket have a "beep" when the phone is on the top or it will only be indicated by the LED light?

The charging status is only indicated with an LED and no sound will be emitted from Qimini. We do not want to wake you up in the middle of the night when the charge status changes.

If I use a laptop, the output I get from the USB port will only be 500mA, so, I can only charge the phone at 500mA even though the output power of Qimini Pocket is up to 1A?

The USB standard specify that USB ports should provide 500mAh but these specifications were written more than 10 years ago. Nowadays, USB ports can easily provide 1A and most of the time even more. Qimini Pocket maximizes its charging current, so with a laptop, you should easily be able to charge at 1A. Qimini Pocket can also works with 500mA limited ports. Most of the time, you'll charge your phone as fast as a cable, minus the cable!

Is there by any chance a battery inside the unit?

Not for now.

Where do you ship to?

We'll ship your Qimini Pocket wherever you are. All shipping costs are indicated on the buy page, just select your country and find out.

When will Qimini Pocket will be available in other colors?

All in good times. We are on it.

How can I get in touch?

Please feel free to say hello to the team by clicking here for any enquiries.
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